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Productions Plants
The RAD Generating Plants are based on combustion of various fossil fuels such as diesel oil, kerosene or natural gas. The plant can also be based on the flue gas of boiler, turbines, combustion engines, also from the natural sources, which contains appropriate amount of CO2 contents. All plants are supplied with the latest international technology and equipments and the CO2 gas produced meets the best international standards applicable for food grade quality or industrial use. All the plants supplied mounted on skids for ease of installation and commissioning at site. The plants are controlled by a user friendly PLC based control panel and advanced automatic instruments which result into continuous and trouble free operation of the plant. Capacities ranging from 70 kg/hr to standard 150 kg/hr, 250 kg/hr, 285 kg/hr, 500 kg/hr, 1000 kg/hr, 1250 kg/hr & more can be provided. Options of multifuel usage can also be provided. The major components/process of the generation plants are as follows:

Combustion chamber or Reboiler: The fossil fuels are burnt here in the tubes and the rich mea is heated in the shell generating steam for stripping of the CO2 gas from the rich MEA (Monoethanolamine) solution in the stripper. For CO2 extraction plant units the reboiler is not required and the heating of the lean MEA is carried out with the help of steam heat exchanger. Shell is of boiler quality steel with Stainless Steel tubes.

Flue gas DCC tower: Stainless Steel tower where the flue gas is washed and cooled in direct contact with water. If impurities such as Sulphur Dioxide are present they are removed by adding soda solution to water.

Absorber: The CO2 contents of the flue gas are absorbed in the MEA solution. The balance of the flue gas is vented into the atmosphere. This is in Carbon Steel

MEA solution heat exchanger: The MEA solution heat exchanger preheats the Rich MEA solution with the lean MEA solution. The preheated rich MEA solution is then passed on to the stripper column. The lean MEA solution is then passed on to the Absorber tower after cooling it again with water. Plates are in Stainless Steel.

Stripper: In the stripper the CO2 rich MEA solution is heated and stripped for CO2 .

Purification Train : Stainless Steel Towers which removes the impurities such as NO x, aldehydes, smell causing impurities and other impurities.

CO2 Compressor: The non lubricated CO2 compressor compresses the CO2 gas from atmospheric pressure to 15…20 bar in two stages.

High pressure precooler and Dehydrator
The CO2 gas is cooled to a temperature of 4-15 degree C and after a moisture separator to the dehydrator which removes the moisture to a level of 10 ppm. SS Precooler with boiler quality steel for Dehydrator.

Refrigeration Unit:
The refrigeration unit cools and liquefy the CO2 at a temperature of (-) 25 degree C.

Storage tank:
The liquid CO2 is stored in an insulated storage tank at a pressure of 15-17 bar and a temperature of (-)25 degreec C.Choice of Horizontal & Vertical tanks made out of boiler quality normalised plates for low temperatures inspected under third party BVQI, Lloyds or DNV. Tank fitted with safety valves, load cells & other accesories.

Optional Accesories like Cylinder filling, Dry Ice or Vaporisers are all supplied depending upon the usage.

Mr. Ravi Chand Anand (Chairman)
Mr. Ravi Chand Anand (Chairman)










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