Our basic raw materials are hot rolled coils which are imported from the finest mills in the world. The best quality slitting and pipe mill machineries for accessories are also available in house, manufacturing pipes and scaffolding . We have also an inhouse galvanizing plant to cover galvanising coating in pipes and scaffolding accessories as per ISO standard.

The entire manufacturing operations has been divided into various sections which are managed by well trained people in the shop floor and as well as in the office.

RAD Pipe Cutting Section

Pipe cutting section is equipped with several modern cold saw and rapid cutting machines, which produce cut pipes in close tolerance with high productivity rate. Cut pipes are also free from burrs, tapper cuts etc.

RAD Press Section

Press Section is equipped with different types of modern mechanical presses of 20 to 500 metric tones capacity, which are mainly used for manufacturing scaffolding accessories in combination with component drawings and strict quality control standard.

RAD General Machine Shop

General Machine shop is equipped with latest workshop machineries like, automatic turning -cutting-threading machines, milling machines, multi-spindle Drilling machines, Boring and surface grinding machines to support other sections and maintenance team for continuous improvement.

RAD Tool Room

Latest wire cutting machines and EDM machines are one of the best support in our tool room. Besides lathes, milling and jig borings are also the major features in our tool room. We have qualified tool makers and machine operators, those are involved in making and modifications of toolings, jig-fixtures for manufacturing scaffolding accessories.

RAD Welding Section

We are using MIG & TIG welding system in welding scaffolding as per certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). The welding wires, which are the best in brand and quality. All welders are qualified and certified by ABS

In 2003, we introduced welding robots in our scaffolding production line to achieve higher productivity and quality.

RAD Final Surface Coating Section

The final coating used in scaffolding are blasting, Primer and finish paints, powder coating, galvanizing, electroplating as per customer requirements that are available in house.
Two modern shot-blasting plants and two finish paint lines are continuously in operation. As powder coating as concern, RAD is the only company in UAE who powder coats scaffolding with higher capacity of 650 frames per shift.

Paint line has been designed in such a way that, the required curing standard of surface coating of paint has been achieved during traveling between paint baths to unloading stations. Electroplating plant is equipped with fully automatic functions having the capacity of 3.0 metric tones of scaffolding accessories per shift.

RAD Aluminium Scaffolding Fabrication Section

Our Aluminium fabrication is based on TIG welding. We have all the latest TIG welding machines and profile cutting machines involved in Aluminium fabrication. People working in the aluminium section have been well trained and dedicated in their production work.

Mr. Ravi Chand Anand (Chairman)
Mr. Ravi Chand Anand (Chairman)










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